Recently Angel and I got to spend a weekend with friends in the Pennsylvania countryside. They gave us the guest tiny house for our anniversary, and we got our first taste of the lifestyle we dream of escaping to. There was a tiny kitchen, tiny bathroom, and even a tiny attic with two extra tiny beds. The architect couple that designed and built it lived here for four years while they completed the main cabin. 

Tiny House Cottage in Pennsylvania

Saturday morning we woke up late and got to work setting up the slack line and some drinks. By the time everything was ready it was hard to walk straight, but we got some good practice in.

Angel Walking the Slack Line

Both of us got to shoot an air rifle for the first time, classic American style with a tin can target. I was a slow start until about 10 shots in when I figured out how to use the sight lines. Angel as usual, was a natural and hit his first try.

Angel Shooting Cans with an Air Rifle

In the afternoon we walked along the reservoir, and our host Kate balanced out over the edge.

Girl Sitting on A Tree by the River

I stopped for this slumped tree because the curve was anchored in the composition by a strong arrangement of trunks in the middle ground. In the resulting image the tone and weight of the forest is symmetrical and balanced, and there is a beautiful late afternoon light filtering through the branches.

Tree Arch in the Pennsylvania Woods

I also noticed these new ferns uncurling beside the path. There was only one spot of sunlight getting through to this area, and it flowed down a wave of fresh undergrowth.  

Young Ferns Uncurling in the Sun

At night we cooked outdoors, and I sat and took long 40 second exposures of the campfire flickering up into the trees above us. It was a clear indigo night, and hundreds of tiny stars appeared trailing across the sky. I did about 10 different arrangements of the branches until I got this one how I wanted it. All of the trunks lead towards the center, while layers of brand new leaves dance in diagonal waves toward the sky. 

Starlight and Trees Above the Camp Fire

Sunday was our one year wedding anniversary, so we hiked up to a nice view to celebrate. Life felt peaceful and un-rushed, which is a nice place to be at regardless of the occasion.

Hiking for Our First Anniversary

I noticed this tree with purple blooms on our hike up, but it was standing in full noon sun and not very easy to photograph. By the time we passed it again on the way down, the light had grown longer and dappled through the branches. I used a polarizing filter to cut down the white reflections, and set the composition so that a fallen log leads from the bottom right corner all the way up through the frame. 

Purple Flower Tree Blooming in Spring

We couldn't resist a portrait under the tree, especially since it was all set up and we had friends to take it.

Angel and Becky Rodriguez in Pennsylvania

Back at the cabin there was only time for one last drink in the hammock with a view that was hard to leave. Sadly we managed to pack up, and headed home for Brooklyn. 

Tree Top Hammock View

After two days at the cabin I forgot I lived in a city, or that I had another life to get back to at all. The pets were happy to see us though, which is always the best consolation when another adventure is over. 

Hope you're having a great spring so far. Let me know if you've been on an outdoor adventure yet in the comments.

xo B.