Hey <3,

Hope you're having a lovely day. I faced my driving fear and took a road trip from Calgary, Alberta to Seattle, Washington. It might sound silly but before last week I'd never driven longer than an hour, and always with my heart beating in my ears. I put off getting my license until I was 21 so that I didn't have to do it. I even planned for a buddy to come with me on this adventure so that I wouldn't have to drive alone. But as it happened I ended up solo, with 13 hours of driving to get through.


Before I left my mom insisted on packing me a big cooler and washing all the windows, and my dad changed the tires and upgraded the GPS. Then when the time came to go I put on my favorite podcasts and just, started. 

I wound through the Rockies and got to Idaho where the border agents took all my fruit. They did leave me the bananas though, so I said thank you like a typical Canadian... 

When the sun set I started to fade, so I found a 24 hour grocery store and set up camp for the night. I was worried about getting caught, because I've never slept in my car before. But it seemed safer to stay there where there are street lights and traffic rather than at a dark rest stop alone. It rained and sounded pretty on the sun roof.

Car sleeping tip: Don't feel squished, stick your little legs into the trunk.

Day two I had serious sleeping bag hair and a fierce desire to get to my destination. Green farms turned to red earth and I rushed through Washington. 


The last leg was an extremely windy and insanely fast highway through Mt. Rainier National Park. But I made it though to Seattle, so happy to park my car and see my friends. I yelled, "I AM THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD" and it was all over. Fears faced. I don't feel very different, but I'm really glad I did it. It is definitely scary to travel alone, but significantly less so once you get started.


There are so many lush, overgrown gardens here. Every street is nice to walk down. It's almost makes me want to trade in my hectic Brooklyn life for something a little more human.

I've got at least a thousand photos to edit, and I'll be collecting lots more from my hike this afternoon. Soon I'll be sharing again but new mountains and adventures await. 

Hope you try something a little scary this week,

xo B.

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