Hey <3,

I've been back with my family in Alberta for a little over a week hiking, exploring, and photographing like mad. When I moved to Brooklyn I wondered if I was being nostalgic about how beautiful the West is (I do brag about it a lot). But after two years away I can see that the landscape that initially inspired me is still just as gorgeous.


My dad drove us out to his favorite spot, down a winding dirt road in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. Two big horn sheep were licking the salt out of the earth, and we pulled over to let my niece have a look. They're called the "Canmore carwash" around here because they'll lick your car clean while you're hiking.


We started off on this trail, but I didn't have snowshoes and sunk knee deep every step. It was pretty fun for about 5 minutes until I got soaking wet and tired. So we went further down the road to a well traveled route called Chester Lake, and took turns pulling our little turkey up the mountain.

Our picnic at the edge of Chester Lake was well deserved. We sacrificed a cheese slice and some apple to make Mr. Snowman. He got decapitated during a particularly fierce hug. 

I ran around the lake yelling CAW CAW! There I am at the bottom, a speck photographing the peaks.


We took a victory silly photo with the route sign. I really thought I was zapped but the light got so nice at sunset I had to scramble out for a few more shots on the way home. Watch the video if you want a good laugh at me falling over and over again.

Totally worth it. The landscape here is varied and wild, with fields, foothills, valleys, and mountains all rolling past each other. Can't wait to show you more.

xo B.