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Hey Friends,

I am officially coming out as a recovering social media shy girl. When I got Twitter a few months ago Angel kept harassing me to "have conversations with people" and I would say "for sure!" then promise I'd do it tomorrow. I honestly didn't know why anyone would want to talk to me without a huge following, and I was pretty worried about the digital trail my social experimenting would leave behind. It is daunting to my perfectionist side to know that anything I post will be up forever.

But then something profound happened. I followed my favourite podcaster Rob Lawrence of Inspirational Creatives and he said hello. Not a spammy pre-written bot message, but a genuine nice to meet you thing. I couldn't believe that someone who has taught me so much from afar would ever know I existed. So I took the opportunity to tell him how much I appreciated his show and that I'd listened to almost every episode twice. It made my day.

Later in the week I put on his newest episode and heard him say my name, quote my tweet, and say thanks. I still can't believe it! I danced around and told Angel I was internet famous. Rob was a real person in the world who knew me, and it gave me some proof that you know, people online really want you to talk to them (also Angel you were right).

Since then I've been growing my sharing muscles, tweeting some of my favorite quotes from his episodes to let him know I connect. He often takes the time to write back. Rob even gave me another shout out today on his 80th episode, which is pretty incredible.

So in honor of sharing more, I want you to know a few of the things that he's taught me through his work and also to encourage you to seek a great mentor like him in your life. There are so many wonderful people putting themselves out there online, and I can personally say that they don't have to be in the same room as you to change your life.

  • Find a space to be around people who think like you. Creatives are different creatures and a lot of us tend to isolate. It will make you feel so much better to hear some of your challenges come out of someone else's mouth.
  • There are commonalities among successful people. The more you listen to them the easier they are to mirror.
  • Hearing other people share their vulnerabilities can reprogram your negative thought patterns. You can replace the things you don't like with inspiring insights that other people want to share with you.
  • Listening to podcasts is the gateway drug to learning. Every new guest opens up a world of potential for you to explore.
  • Other people are pretty brilliant. You can learn how to optimize your life and hack productivity from those who have already done the leg-work.
  • When someone follows you on social media, acknowledge them back. You might just get a fan for life.
 Rob has the voice of a sunrise in July. There is a genuine warmness to him that softens even more as the conversation goes deeper.  Have a listen  and you'll want to be a fan too.

Rob has the voice of a sunrise in July. There is a genuine warmness to him that softens even more as the conversation goes deeper. Have a listen and you'll want to be a fan too.

Just a little housekeeping note, I've decided to schedule my studio visit posts for Sunday mornings. They have slowly become long form reads, and I want you to have the time to enjoy them. It's going to be an exciting challenge to keep them coming, but I've learned from other creators how powerful consistency can be. Part 2 of norton's interview will arrive in your inbox this weekend, and it's my favorite story yet. Subscribe to get it straight to your inbox.

Hope you're having a lovely week,

xo B.