Last Saturday Angel and I hiked Sam's Point to Lake Awosting with a couple of friends. We started in the early morning and had such a good time that we didn't leave until the gate closed almost 12 hours later.

Stone Lookouts on Sam's Point Trail

Only a mile up the trail these stone lookouts were our first reward.

Fallen Tree on Sam's Point Trail NY

We passed through a small forested area where I was deeply attracted to this sculptural fallen tree. It was such a beautiful moment with the ground covered in green ferns freshly opened in the morning light.

Sam's Point New York Landscape Photograph
Mountain Stream Sam's Point NY

On the outskirts of the woods this brook carried a sprinkling of red leaves downstream.

Mountain Stream Sam's Point Trail NY

It turned the corner flowing around a smooth stone path, which was accentuated by curving patterns in the rock.

Sam's Point Waterfall New York Hike

By the time we arrived at a large waterfall it was high noon and the sun was glaring off of the surface. Instead of trying to photograph the whole thing I focused on this small section where the pooling water radiated a bright golden glow.

Sam's Point NY Hike Waterfall
Sam's Point Canyon NY

As we continued walking we got to look back at where we had been sitting on the edge of the falls. The cliff face is much larger than what we had been able to see, with giant boulders littering the canyon deep below.

Angel Rodriguez Resting at Sam's Point

On our way back from the lake we were all starting to fade. Angel was too tired to open his eyes in the sun so I took a photo of him smiling against the rocks.

Mountain Forest on Sam's Point Trail

The last of the evening light fell on this group of trees standing sentinel in a forest clearing. Tiny ferns caught the light, scattering it up against the branches.

New images from this shoot will be available in my Daylight Collection this week.