My brain is officially zapped from the amount of writing I've been doing lately, so I gave in to the tiredness today and took a creative break. I've been experimenting with a new pattern for wire crochet to turn smooth stones into delicate necklaces. This pendant took about 3 hours, but I think the time will decrease with more practice. Here's a look at the process:

Jewelry Making Wire Crochet

First, I shaped a frame out of copper wire that was slightly smaller than the stone.

Wire Crochet Frame For Cabochon

Next, I used finer wire and a mandrel to wrap the first row of stitches around the frame.

Wire Crochet Wrapping Cabochon

At this point, I formed a bail from the ends of the wire frame to make it easier to hold. Then I wrapped the second and third rows tightly around the stone. This picture is the second row completed.

Finished Wire Crochet and Peyote Bead Work

Sweet, now I've got another stone added to my collection. Here are some others I've made recently with recycled chandelier crystals and beach stones I picked up at my wedding. They are all made with peyote stitch and tiny seed beads.

Wire Crochet and Beaded Crochet Detail Image

I feel more energetic now, and excited to make some more of these. Once I share them on Etsy, I hope people will get excited and send me rocks from special places like their childhood home, wedding venue, or vacation spot. 

How do you recharge after burnout? Let me know in the comments.

xo B.

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