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This week I'm bringing you my favorite night shots from our latest trip to Montreal. Starting at the beginning, when we climbed up and down a handmade ladder to get to the roof of our friend's apartment in Verdun. There's our host Matt at the top holding it steady for Angel while we all crossed our fingers no one would die.

Rooftop Party Verdun, Montreal

On Sunday, like always, we went to Mount Royal Park to relive the Tam-Tams hippie drum circle hangouts of our youth. Luckily I lugged my tripod along and got to photograph the angel sculpture taking off above us into the night.

Tam Tams Angel Statue Mount Royal Montreal

When I got to the front I realized both angel feet were planted on the ground, making me feel like I imagined the whole flying thing. But when I ran around to the back again I saw that it was an awesome example of sculpture trickery.

Sculpture to See In Montreal Tam Tams Angel

Our friends wanted to keep the party going so we got a case of beer and hung out in Jeanne-Mance Park across the street from this creepy divided house. One side renovated and occupied, the other broken and haunted. A woman opened the front door for her cat and left it open for him to get back in. Typical Canadian, even with a bunch of rowdy adults across the street she is not afraid of mischief. 

A Tale of Two Cities Rich vs. Poor

There are beautiful things to find everywhere you go at night. These flower streamers were highlighted by green fluorescent street lights when we happened to walk by. It was perfect timing, the moon was centered over the whole scene.

Montreal Church with Flower Streamers

I wished I lived in one of the many pretty stonework apartments we saw. This round doorway looked cozy and hobbit like, a good place to come home to.

Round Doorway Montreal Apartment

Everywhere you go there are little empty parks to relax in. We ate giant plates of poutine here half drunk (okay maybe quite drunk) at 2am. Montrealers are proud of their public space, and no cop is going to kick you out for enjoying them. Maybe that's why everyone is so happy there.

Little Park at Night in Montreal

Our Metro passes ran out the next day, so Angel and I decided to rent Bixi Bikes and go in search of late night food. We didn't bother looking at a map and went the wrong way into LaSalle, where their entrance was decorated with some strange and frightening giant flowers. Getting lost is the best.

Lasalle Flower Sculptures Montreal

We floated through St. Henri, up Atwater, passed the Downtown and still there was nothing open. Once you go that far you can't go home hungry, so we pushed on to Boulevard St-Laurent for another late night poutine dinner. I have never appreciated Seamless delivery in Brooklyn more than that grumbling hungry night.

Boul St-Laurent Street Art Mural Montreal

We got a good sleep after all that biking, so the next night we headed over to another friend's place with yet another case of PBR. On the way to the train I noticed a small opening to a deep construction site near our old university Concordia. It was really eerie to see it all lit up from the middle. 

Concordia University Construction Site

Many drinks and good times later our friend walked us to the Bixi station and we found Jesus. Notice Angel is still drinking a beer, because well, why not. It makes biking down Rue Saint-Denis even better. 

Angel Finding Jesus in Montreal
Jesus Halo Sculpture Montreal

Before we got to the big hill I stopped to photograph this deer painting in a school playground while Angel and Matt raced their heavy geared bikes. The city was so quiet, we had the streets to ourselves.

Deer Graffiti Montreal
Racing Bixi Bikes Montreal

We spent our last day at Beaver Lake, sprawled out on the grass watching dogs chase sticks into the water. When the sun set we started back and passed the staircase to the Lookout. Everyone shrugged, said why not, and hiked it up the stairs.

Mount Royal Lookout Montreal

There were only two paths to choose from when we left, so we took the wrong one (obviously) and walked up the last little bit to the Mount Royal Cross. There was already a couple there stretched out with a bottle of wine, probably on the best date ever. 

Mount Royal Cross at Night

I circled around for a few photos, then we left the lovebirds alone and started back down to look for dinner one more time.


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Hope you have a great week, next Sunday's post will be my favorite shots of Montreal by day. Until then, don't forget to take time out to look at something pretty,

xo B.