I’m in the air on my flight to Alberta, but not exactly the plane I expected to be on when I woke up this morning.

After a month of hard core planning and near perfect execution, two things went wrong. My travel partner backed out of our trip, and I showed up to the wrong airport. 

Getting ready to leave was actually fun for OCD me because it required many coordinated actions over time (be like the squirrel girl). I intentionally used the momentum that change creates to:

  • Buy a laptop and bag so that I could keep writing
  • Plan the value I could provide by writing about my travels
  • Learn Lightroom a better photo editing tool
  • Batch cook like a champion and fill the freezer with healthy food

Today came and Angel got me a shuttle bus ticket, carried my bag to the train, and kissed me goodbye at my stop. I cried. When I got to Newark airport I was right on time. Just not in the right place. Not the right state.

The ticket attendant passed me to the customer service desk and I got to explain what I was doing there (breathe). She did her best not to judge me too badly (breathe, breathe, be thankful). The cost to change my flight was $700 (still, I can breathe). I smiled and asked her if there was any way I could take a later flight. She smiled back and let me pay a $75 same day change fee. But I had to get La Guardia quickly in rush hour. 

Air train, regular train, subway, bus. I made it to my gate. Now I’m in Chicago with a 5 hour unplanned layover. 


I am thankful that I value things less than I did, because my bag is small and light. 

I am thankful that people are mostly kind.

I am thankful that I’m encouraged to be myself.

I am thankful that I love someone I don’t want to leave.

Life happens no matter how much I want to control it, and that’s not better or worse - just different. I only have power over my own thoughts and actions. So for now I’m going to smile and have a few beers. Life is good.

xo B.