It was snowy and quiet yesterday in Brooklyn which gave me a chance to finish editing another hike from this winter. These photos are from Jungle Habitat, an abandoned zoo in West Milford, New Jersey. Angel and I actually biked all the way there last summer and found cages left in the woods. But this time we decided to rent a car, and when we got there we were the only footprints in the knee deep snow. 

Snowy Twisted Tree in Jungle Habitat

We didn't get very far without snowshoes, but after about an hour of heavy stepping I found what I was looking for. I really loved the blooming center tree and how it seemed to vibrate off of the stump in the foreground. It was just a matter of framing everything trough the vine wrapped center trees and I was happy. 

Angel Climbing Trees in Jungle Habitat

Angel's sneakers were soaked by this point so he hopped up in the tree and I put our hand warmers in his socks and looked around for other things to photograph.

Becky Rodriguez Photographing Winter

It started to snow hard before I got very far so we decided to turn around and get back to the car before we froze. 

A&B NYC Logo Snow

Angel got ahead while I stopped to photograph and wrote me a snow message.

Broken Fence in Jungle Habitat

I knew we had missed the last turn to the parking lot when I saw these little broken fences that weren't there before. The orange leaves were so vibrant off of the dusk blue snow I was glad we got a little bit lost.

Red Flowers in Snow Jungle Habitat

We saw this fence just a minute later but the light was flat and grey. These two fence images might have made a good set, but I prefer the symmetry of the first one better so I'm glad I got that shot instead.

Jungle Habitat Entrance Gate

This is the entrance, it's pretty creepy and great. Our feet were so cold by this point, that we zombie walked to the car. We sat barefoot under the heaters for a long time, and then drove to the end of the road to see what was there. 

Greenwood Lake Airport New York

It turned out to be a little airport and restaurant, and we got to drive right under the wing of this plane to turn around. Pretty amazing. I wish we would have had the guts to eat at the diner, but we found a random one on the highway home as usual. Next time, I think we should. 

Hope you're having a nice weekend so far. We're off to Long Island, I'll try to get a photo of the ocean for you.

xo B.

P.S. Here's a fresh landscape, spring for spring.

Blue Grey Lace Pleasantville New York

Blue Grey Lace - Pleasantville, New York

Mushrooms had survived the spring melt, retaining the grey blue essence of winter. 

Backstory: When I'm out photogrphing I look for color that jumps out of it's surroundings because that usually means it's in good light. This forest was carpeted in orange leaves, and the cool tone of these perfectly preserved mushrooms was striking.