Angel and I have decided that this is going to be the year of the deck, and we're starting by planting an awesome tiny garden. We got a bunch of organic heirloom vegetable seeds from a local Brooklynite two weeks ago, only $2 a bag and they're called things like Onion, Red of Florence. So fancy.

Angel Planting Organic Seeds

Lex supervised the planting to make sure there was something in it for her.

Plants Growing on Windowsill

All 150 plants fit perfectly on the windowsill, almost like we planned it.

Seedlings at 10 days
Sugar Snap Pea Pods

Here are the seedlings at 10 days, with a closeup of a blooming sugar snap pea pod. We're going to let their long vines cover the iron handrail on our balcony as a natural sun shield.

Deer Skull in Garden

I found this deer skull at the bottom of a cliff last weekend. The body was completely gone and someone else had already got to the antlers. 

Metal Trunk Hipster Garden

We're going to plant the big vegetables in this metal trunk Angel found on the street near his work in Queens.

Cat Grass Sprouting

Don't worry Lex, the cat grass is sprouting.

Blooming Seedlings at 13 Days
Seedlings at 13 Days

Today is day 13 and almost every seed has sprouted. We're going to need to plant the sweet peas soon, they're ready to start climbing.

Angel's got big plans for the deck this coming weekend. He wants to build two L couches and some planters so we can transfer these babies outside.

Here are some outtakes from my hike in the Hudson Highlands last week, it was still too cold for night photography but it won't be for too much longer.

 Spot the doe? She was almost invisible as we walked by.

Spot the doe? She was almost invisible as we walked by.

Storm King at Sunset NY
Sunset in Hudson Highlands Upstate NY

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