We want You to be happier and Make great art.

Loreto Mexico

Our goal is to find systems for lasting happiness and teach them to other Creative People.

So far we’ve found that these factors lead to a less stressful, freer life:


  • Knowing the purpose of art in society
  • Learning to be happy in the moment 
  • Designing spaces that inspire productivity 
  • Advancing creative skills 


  • Improving physical and mental health with natural imagery
  • Using sustainable, long lasting products
  • Reducing throwaway culture
  • Supporting a healthy environment


  • Eliminating clutter and lifestyle stressors
  • Owning what is useful
  • Systems thinking
  • Time freedom
  • Location independence


  • Deepening the quality of our conversations
  • Continually improving people skills


  • Becoming consistent emotionally 
  • Exercise for elevated mood and focus
  • Food affects mood and energy