This podcast has no theme. It’s funny and your day will be better after listening.

Andrew Collin - podcaster

Andrew Collin is a really good comic. Sometimes you hear him on Sirius XM. He did Your Mom’s House Podcast once and opens for Nikki Glaser on the road. He calls himself Puddle Boy and he’s 39 years old.

Becky Rodriguez - Producer

Becky Rodriguez

Directs her talents toward hilighting the careers of stand up comedians. Originally inspired by a neighborhood comedy show, Becky makes uniquely colorful and concise photo essays for comics like Michael Che, Big Jay Oakerson, and Robert Kelly.

She started in 2013 as a shy fan at Bar Matchless, a legendary weekly in Brooklyn, NY. After 3 years of watching she snuck a picture of Michael Che on stage and was approached by producer Becky Astphan to photograph the show. Within a few years she was asked to be tour photographer for Che.

At the same time, Becky’s love for podcasts led her to audition for the Legion of Skanks “Intern Olympics” in which she won the right photograph and and tour with the Skanks. She became friends with one of her favorite stand ups Big Jay, and went on to photograph his show The Bonfire at Sirius XM. The Skanks brought her to The Comedy Store in LA, Bertcast Podcast, and venues across the country.

As her friendships with comics grew, their need for a podcasting studio became apparent. She built a full 6 mic setup in her Brooklyn apartment called Remember 2 Be Happy Studios and began a new adventure. As a producer she helps them manage their social presence and create content for their fans. Her space is a peaceful sanctuary where podcasters are encouraged to try new things.

Tanner Williams - Editor

19, from the Grand Canyon state, editor, videographer, director and creator

Host of Sup Podcast Intern Show (SPIS) weekly round up of the Sup? Podcast with fun unique segments for the @suppodcastnyc Instagram.