Hello <3,


You found me, Becky. I photograph stand up comedy in a candid, emotional way. My camera is small and quiet and so am I, so people feel comfortable being themselves when I'm around. 

Lately I've been told my images are colorful and story like. They are heavily influenced by my background in fine art and the addictive quality of laughter.


My Past...

When I was 15 I found a 35mm camera and built a black and white darkroom.

By 23 I had a double major in Photography and English Lit. I learned to make an idea better by producing, showing and cutting as many times as possible. 

At 24 I moved to a National Park to improve my weakest skill, landscapes. Nature taught me to enjoy happiness in the moment, improving all aspects of my life.

I traveled a lot to practice, choosing neat patterns from the chaos that are complicated and satisfying to stare at. My best work reminds you to pause and appreciate the moment more often.

At 25 I moved to Brooklyn and saw my first bar show NYC Broken Comedy. I became a regular, and spent the next 5 years increasingly obsessed and not really sure why. During that time, comedians put many beautiful ideas in my head that I never would have had without them. It definitely made me more me.

Now at 30 I'm photographing that favorite show and others, while interning on two comedy podcasts. I want my friends in comedy to succeed, so I'm learning production to help them make their work.

I'm still fascinated by the comic's ability to establish context from nothing and the confidence required to iterate in public. They make the most difficult performance look like a whim.