Hello <3,


The voice of this site is me, Becky. I shoot stand up and street art where I live in NYC, and I travel a lot to hike and photograph landscapes. I'm most interested in the how creative people find happiness.


I've been obsessed with taking pictures since I found a camera and built a darkroom as a teenager. I studied Photography and English Lit in Montreal and learned to make an idea better by producing, showing and cutting as many times as possible. 

After graduating I focused on improving my landscapes because I considered those skills weakest. Moving to a National Park taught me to enjoy happiness in the moment, improving all aspects of my life. I get satisfaction finding neat patterns in the chaos, and my best work transfers that feeling to the viewer. My ultimate goal is to give you an excuse to pause and appreciate life more often.

Five years ago I moved to Brooklyn and fell in love with stand up comedy. I admire the comic's ability to establish context from nothing, their willingness to try unique premises, and the confidence required to iterate in public. Comedians are among the best writers in the world, and when successful make the most difficult performance look like a whim. 

I'm currently photographing Broken Comedy, Wavy Wednesday, and Blunt Club podcast.