Hey <3,


You found me, Becky (@humanplac3s).

I photograph stand up comedy in a candid, emotional way. My camera is small and quiet and so am I, and people feel comfortable being themselves when I'm around.

My images are colorful and story like. I am heavily influenced by my background in fine art and the addictive quality of laughter.


My Past...

When I was 15 I found a 35mm camera and built a black and white darkroom.

By 23 I had a double major in Photography and English Lit. I learned to make an idea better by producing, showing and cutting as many times as possible. 

At 24 I moved to a National Park to work on my weakest skill, landscapes. Nature taught me to enjoy happiness in the moment, improving all aspects of my life.

I traveled a lot to practice, finding neat patterns in chaos that are complicated and satisfying to stare at. I learned all types of light. My best work reminds you to appreciate the moment more often.

At 25 I moved to Brooklyn and saw my first bar show. I became a regular, and spent the next 5 years increasingly obsessed with comedy and not sure why. I absorbed a lot of ideas I never would have had without comedians.